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Return pipes

A major customer in the heating technology sector contacted us, explaining that it was in great need of a tailored copper-pipe solution to improve the efficiency of its production. Our designers sketched a suggestion for copper pipes that were bent in curves and soldered together in a special way.

In our production shop we adjusted the connections at the pipe ends and developed products (pressure gauges and valves) that were fitted onto the unique copper-pipe solution. The new product solution copies with a higher temperature, resulting in no leakage and better quality. The product was checked dimensionally to make sure that all the connections were correct in actual assembly at the customer. We then carried out tests to guarantee that the product solution was both leaktight and quality assured. We obviously also dealt with the logistics solution to quality-assure transport to the customer.

The new product sits under the customer’s heat pumps. It presented us with a great challenge, as it was extremely important to meet both dimensional and temperature requirements. Thanks to our vast experience and our wide international network of contacts, we made it possible to create a customised product solution of the highest quality. In close cooperation with the customer, we developed a product solution that has reduced the customer’s production costs.