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Return pipes
A major customer in the heating technology sector contacted us, explaining that it was in great need of a tailored copper-pipe solution to improve the efficiency of its production. Our designers sketched a suggestion for copper pipes that were bent in curves and soldered together in a special way.
Heating manufacturers
Companies that manufacture entire products for heating, for example heat pumps and boilers, have to further enhance their products continuously in order to stay ahead. Customised products are Impel’s speciality. We give our customers exactly the special product they require, and sometimes more.
Kitchens & Bathrooms
This customer group consists of companies that offer products in public environments, kitchens and bathrooms. This primarily means products for tap-water systems for kitchen taps and showers/baths. It also involves machines for coffee breaks at work that make coffee or cold drinking water. In addition, we have several customers in bathrooms for the home environment and in public environments.
Clean water is something that many people in Sweden take for granted. But few people know that a great deal of work is required in water treatment before the water reaches the tap. In this area too, we provide just what is wanted with our broad product range.
Automotive industry
In the automotive industry there is a need to make use of hydraulics, where high pressures are required. Our range of pressure meters and related products means that our customers are able to perform both digital and analogue measurements of pressure and temperature. We also help motorhome and caravan manufacturers to automate water and wastewater.
Heating distributors
The customer group of heating distributors has products that distribute heating in various types of properties. These may be district heating plants, shunt groups, floor-heating systems, etc. Many things need to match up and be checked before the heating can be distributed correctly in the building.